Legacy of the Gods Megaways a New Slot Game from Blueprint Gaming

Legacy of the Gods Megaways

Legacy of the Gods Megaways – Well, another day, another Blueprint Megaways slot … I really have said it all before, these guys really like to push out direct clones of the original Big Time Gaming slots, perhaps changing the bonus round up a bit, but apart from that, this once again is just BTG’s Extra Chili with the odd tweak here and there. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad game – Extra Chili is a really popular game, after all. The question is, why play Legacy of the Gods Megaways when it is essentially just the same game?

I do like the theme of this one – the backdrop of Mount Olympus fits perfectly with the Greek mythology theme. In fact, Blueprint did another game called Gods of Olympus not long ago that had a similar theme, although the two games are very different.


The first time I opened the game, I wasn’t really sure how to describe its visual style. I had a look around the web, and it seems other people are struggling with this too – one site says the style is heavily inspired by comic books. I don’t read comics, so I can’t say either way if this is accurate.

Regardless, first impressions are excellent – Blueprint’s slots are always extremely high quality, even if they appear to be nothing more than copies of Extra Chili a lot of the time these days, with the graphics replaced, and a few extra features tacked onto the bonus round.

I’m pleased to say they have done a bit more in this regard this time, however – the free spin feature is genuinely unique among Megaways slots, and the various options you get to choose from even let you choose to play fewer spins with a rapidly increasing multiplier if you wish.

First Impressions – Spinning the Reels for the First Time

As a Megaways slot, I knew what to expect from the base game – you’ve got 6 reels, each of which will divide into a different number of sections on each individual spin. This means you have up to 117,649 ways to win on every single spin. The number of Megaways is shown in the top-right hand corner of the screen, but you’ll notice it rarely gets anywhere close to 117,649.

Legacy of the Gods Megaways Layout
Legacy of the Gods Megaways Layout

Think of it this way – if you were rolling dice, you’d need to hit a six, six times in a row, to get the kind of luck needed to receive the maximum number of Megaways. It does happen, but it’s extremely rare. After playing a few hundred spins, I had not got bored with the background music yet – it’s an ambient, unobtrusive soundtrack that I believe most people will probably leave switched on. Again, excellent presentation – just why not do a little more with the Megaways license? It really is confusing – you only must look at All41 Studios “Joker Megaways” to see that this format has so many more possibilities than simply copying Extra Chili.

Legacy of the Gods Megaways Pay table

There are few surprises here – that’s few as in none. It’s the same pay table you have seen a million times before. The top symbol pays 50 coins for a full line of six, followed by 25, 10, 2, and 1 for combinations of 5-2 respectively.

The next symbol down drops all the way down to 5/2.5/2/1 though, and by the time you get to the lower royals you are looking at some really shockingly low numbers – 1/0.4/0.2/0.1 is used for the bottom three J/10/9 royal symbols, for example, which is a joke really unless you have a huge multiplier racked up during free spins.

A strange anomaly on the pay table is that a red scatter symbol is shown, which never shows up during gameplay as far as I have seen? Perhaps this is a mistake left over from development, or maybe I just haven’t spent enough time playing the game yet.

Legacy of the Gods Megaways Special Features

Two of the “features” mentioned in the vital statistics are really just base game mechanics that we see all the time. For example, you have a cascading symbols feature which removes all winning combinations from the reels and allows more symbols to drop into their place, giving the possibility of more wins. This isn’t really a “special” feature, though.

The second one is the mystery symbol feature, which seems to appear in every Megaways game – you can get a screenful of these sometimes, and then they change into something which is of no use to you whatsoever. On the other hand, perhaps they will transform into exactly the symbol you need. It’s just a matter of luck, but in my experience, it doesn’t often go your way.

Free Spins Feature

Here’s where Legacy of the  God: Megaways  separates itself from other Megaways slots. As usual, you need at least four scatter symbols to trigger the feature. The scatters look like lightning symbols, so you definitely won’t miss them, as they land on the reels, even if you are playing in quick spin mode. I definitely recommend the quick spin mode if it is available in your country, as it prevents the “heart stopper” animation when you have already landed three scatters. Unfortunately, the UKGC have decided us UK residents will somehow become more addicted to these games if a quick spin option was available… I really wish I was joking.

The following free spin modes are available, according to the number of scatters that triggers the feature. Note that when you use the feature buy option, you can hit anything from four to six scatters – I’ve only seen the six scatter options in a screenshot though, all my tests resulted in four-scatter bonuses only.

Legacy of the Gods Megaways Free Spins Modes

 1x Multiplier Increase per Win2x Multiplier Increase per Win3x Multiplier Increase per WinMystery Choice
7 Scatters27 Spins16 Spins8 SpinsAny mix of 7 Scatter multi/spins
6 Scatters23 Spins14 Spins7 SpinsAny mix of 6 Scatter multi/spins
5 Scatters19 Spins12 Spins6 SpinsAny mix of 5 Scatter multi/spins
4 Scatters15 Spins10 Spins5 SpinsAny mix of 4 Scatter multi/spins

A few notes on the free spins feature – firstly, three or more scatters will retrigger the bonus with the same number of spins you originally chose. This can be wonderful if you’ve already amassed a high multiplier and suddenly get another 14 spins!

If you choose the 3x Multiplier Increase option, every time the symbols cascade the multiplier increases by 3, and likewise for the other 2 options. I tried picking this option many times, but with only five spins son the four scatter trigger, I constantly reached really high multipliers without winning anything much.

Legacy of the Gods Megaways – Our Verdict

I’ve been quite down about Blueprint’s Megaways games recently, but I really liked the tweaks to the bonus round in this one. I’d absolutely love to hit a five or six scatter trigger sometime, pick the 2x multiplier increase, cross my fingers and pray for the best!

These Megaways slots have a ton of big win potential (that’s what made them so popular in the first place!) and this time around it’s supposedly possible to win 50,000x your stake from a single spin. That’s huge, and I can’t wait to see some videos on YouTube of people hitting big wins on this game.

Is it better than Extra Chili? The truth is that the majority of the game is still very similar, and some people will undoubtedly stick to what they already know. For me, though, I think I like the bonus round in this game better! And with that, Legacy of the Gods Megaways gets a thumbs up from us.

Game Details

Publisher:Blueprint Gaming
Release Date:May 7th, 2020
Category:Video Slot
Theme:Ancient Greek Mythology
Special Features:Mystery Symbols, Ascending/Selectable Multiplier Free Spin Modes, Cascading Symbols
Layout:6 Reels; Up to 117,649 Megaways
RTP (When playing normally):96.47%
RTP (If only bonus buy is used):97.05%
Cost of Bonus Buy Feature100x Stake
Maximum Win:50,000x

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