Champions of Rome Slot Game With Bonus Buy Feature

Champions of Rome Slot Game

It’s difficult not to be impressed by any of Yggdrasil’s slots. The presentation is just always top-notch, as good as you are going to see anywhere online. Champions of Rome is no exception, another fantastic-looking title with enough variety in its feature set to keep you interested in the game for some time.

Champions of Rome Overview

With 20 pay lines and a slightly lower-than-average RTP of 96.4%, there isn’t anything that immediately stands out about Champions of Rome. And yet, despite this, I found myself playing this slot for almost two hours without even realizing it.

I usually only test a new slot for around an hour when writing a review, and I still don’t feel like I’ve experienced everything this one has to offer. This disparity is a testament to Yggdrasil’s excellent slot design.

Vital Statistics 
Date Published1st February 2019
Category:Video Slot
Theme:Roman Empire
Special Features:Random Wilds, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds
RTP (Bonus Buy Feature Only):Unknown
Maximum Win:2,683x Stake

Spinning the Reels for the First Time

I figured I would have a quick scan of the pay table before beginning to play, and was immediately struck by just how much information there was to take in. All the details about the bonus rounds, payouts, bonus buy, and pay lines are all shown on one single, long page.

I imagine this design was chosen for its suitability on a wide range of target devices, but it felt much more natural on my smartphone than it did on my extra-wide monitor.

Champions of Rome Slot Game Layout
Champions of Rome Slot Game Layout

There is a massive range of payouts attached to the various symbols in this game. At the bottom end of the pay table are four coin-type designs, which all have the same payouts of 30, 10, and 4 coins for five, four, and three of a kind, respectively.

At the opposite end of the scale, three picture symbols have payouts of up to 1,200 coins for lining up five-of-a-kind. The wild symbol doesn’t have any payout of its own, but the scatters do pay out 1x, 15x, or a massive 600x your stake in addition to the free spins should you manage to land three or more of them.

These payouts give the base game a little more excitement than some other slots, so you won’t spend your entire evening just hoping to hit the free spins while playing Champions of Rome.

Champions of Rome Special Features

Hitting two scatters doesn’t immediately pay anything in Champions of Rome, but instead triggers a mini-feature all of its own. The weapons feature has three modes: Swords, which adds 2×1 or 1×2 blocks of wilds to the reels; Mace, which adds a single 2×2 block of wilds; or Trident, which adds four single wilds in random positions anywhere on the screen. This feature makes a terrific consolation prize when the third scatter fails to land.

When you do catch three or more scatters, there are two free spin modes to choose from as well. The first is labelled ‘Training Mode,’ which the pay table calls “playing it safe” by opting to keep all of your free spin winnings. The alternative is a Deathmatch mode, where you must win at least 22.5x your stake during free spins to keep your winnings.

There are even three individual options within the Deathmatch mode, too, with different multipliers and numbers of free spins. If you don’t manage to win the minimum 22.5x your stake, you can be offered a random consolation prize which can be up to 10x your bet, or even some training mode free spins.

All of these variations make Champions of Rome particularly interesting to play, as you never know what will happen next.

Bonus Buy Feature

The bonus buy feature in Champions of Rome costs just 50x your current stake, beating the previous lowest price I had seen of 60x your stake. Even so, I’m not certain if it feels like a massive bargain this time around.

Champions of Rome Bonus Buy Slot Feature

The thing is, buying the bonus lets you choose between the training mode or the death match, but you miss out on the opportunity of hitting either the weapons feature for hitting two scatters or the 600x jackpot prize when scoring all five of them.

I admit that I did end up choosing to buy the bonus many times, though, just because I wanted to experience everything the game had to offer! Perhaps most importantly, I never finished the bonus feeling short-changed by the bonus buy feature, which can be a big problem in some other slots.

Champions of Rome – Our Verdict

As I said right at the beginning of my review, it’s always hard not to be impressed by Yggdrasil’s slots, if only because the presentation is so fantastic. Even when considered purely objectively, though, Champions of Rome is simply a fun game, with a lot of variety in its bonus round depending on which options you pick and what random events occur.

This variety meant that my time reviewing this game was much more interesting than looking at another generic Megaways slot. Give this one a try and see if you enjoy it too! Find more Yggdrasil game reviews here.

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