Giza Infinity Reels an Ancient Egyptian Themed Slot from ReelPlay and Relax Gaming

Giza Infinity Reels

ReelPlay collaborated with Relax Gaming to create Giza Infinity Reels slot game, and it really shows in the quality of the graphics and overall presentation. Relax Gaming are renowned for their excellent quality games, and the addition of the “Infinity Reels” mechanic really adds to the overall appeal of Giza Infinity Reels.

Giza Infinity Reels Overview 

Giza Infinity Reels is a strange mix of very common aspects, and entirely new features never seen before. This is the first Infinity Reels slot I have played, which made me feel a little unfamiliar with the industry, considering there are already at least ten Infinity Reels games out there, some of which feature Megaways too! I’m intrigued by that idea, and you may well see a new review of slot with both Megaways and Infinity Reels appearing on this site too – that has to be one crazy experience!

Spinning the Reels for the First Time

The infinite reels mechanic kicks in any time you hit a win, and I was lucky enough to experience this on my third spin. When a new reel is added, it appears on the right, and you’ll be praying that whatever lands on it boosts your current win, so another reel will drop afterwards. Each time a reel is added to the layout, you also receive a 1x multiplier boost to your winnings.

Giza Infinity Reels Slot Layout
Giza Infinity Reels Slot Layout

Infinity Reels games work similarly to 243-ways games, in that there are no paylines – you just need the same symbol on each adjacent reel. There is a special feature which activates if you manage to get a seriously obscene number of reels on the screen – see the “Infinity Jackpot” section below to learn more about that.

The game does look a bit plain to begin with – I’m not sure why Reel Play thought it would be a good idea to include so many blank tiles in the reel sets, but watching the reels grow as you hit winning combinations can be really exciting – this is definitely a unique and innovative slot design, and I can understand Reel Play deciding it was worth licensing out. I just hope we don’t see and endless flood of Infinite Reels games as a result.

Giza Infinity Reels Paytable

Browsing the pay table, the first item mentioned is the wild scarab, which acts as a wild for all symbols except the Pyramid, which acts as the scatter symbol. All symbols must appear on adjacent reels in order for an extra reel to be added on the right-hand side, the only exception to this is the Pyramid – five of these anywhere onscreen will get you 10 free spins.

I have to say, I found it very hard to hit the bonus naturally in this game – five scatters seem like a lot just to get into the free spin’s bonus. I think three or four symbols would have been fairer, even if it required other changes to the game.

The pay table itself is pretty shocking, to be honest! The top symbol look to be a tent, and pays just five coins – after that you have a selection of beast like faces, which immediately reminded me of the goa’uld from Stargate – perhaps Reel Play are fans? After that, there are various Egyptian looking symbols, but as you can imagine, if the top symbol pays just five coins, you really will not be impressed by the ones below it.

The reason the symbols on the pay table are so low is obviously the infinite reels, and the multiplier that goes with them – it is possible to multiply these figures out to the extreme, so it is understandable that the normal payments for landing just three-of-a-kind are so low.

Special Features

There aren’t many special features in Giza Infinity Reels, but I feel as if the infinity mechanic makes up for that in many ways. Here’s a breakdown of the two features the game does have:

Giza Infinity Reels Bonus Feature
Giza Infinity Reels Bonus Feature

Giza Infinity Reels Free Spins

Activated by hitting five pyramid symbols. Your current multiplier will apply to the free spins too, although it is capped at 5x, which is a bit tight in my opinion – 5x is the absolute minimum multiplier required to activate the free spins anyway, so this is one area where I think the developers got it wrong. Perhaps they will fix this in Giza Infinity Reels 2. You never know your luck…

Infinity Jackpot

If you continue hitting winning symbols repeatedly, and the grid grows into until it is over 12 reels wide, you will receive the infinity bonus – this is 888x your stake, which is definitely an amount worth hoping for! I didn’t come close to this during testing, however – I did manage to get eight reels at one point, and had a couple of excellent bonus rounds, but overall, don’t expect to see this appear very often.

Giza Infinity Reels – Our Verdict

Whilst there is nothing special about the theme – there is probably over 100 slots that feature this same Ancient Egypt design – the infinity reels mechanic is interesting and a lot of fun, and I had more fun playing this than the Megaways games I’ve tried recently. That’s probably just because Giza Infinity Reels is so different to all the other games I’ve played recently. I really hope the Infinity Reels mechanic doesn’t end up becoming as overused as Megaways has. Right now, this is a great game to play, and definitely recommended.

Vital Statistics

Release Date:June 28th, 2021
Developer:Relax Gaming and ReelPlay
Category:Video Slot
Theme:Ancient Egypt
Special Features:Free Spins, Infinity Reels, Jackpot Feature
Layout:3×4 Default Layout – Winning combinations add infinite Re
RTP (When playing normally):95.76%
RTP (If only bonus buy is used):97%
Cost of Bonus Buy Feature:75x Stake
Maximum Win:20,000x Stake (Infinity Jackpot 888x Stake)

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